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Highly absorbable liquid ayurvedic medicine for vibrant health and nourishment, dosha balancing and energy sustaining.

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How these Ayurvedic Elixirs came to be…

We were able to create these medicines by taking inspiration and guidance from our beloved Amma Karunamayi, who meditated for many years in the forest of Penusila in Andhra Pradesh for the good of the world. She is working with our Chief Research Scientist Nirmal Yogi to create these potent elixirs.


High Quality Ayurvedic Liquid Supplements

Our bodies are made of matter which originates on Mother Earth. Everything in our human body is in the right proportion when we are born but due to environmental conditions or food habits our basic constitution undergoes changes. The changes in our basic constitution have a ripple effect on our health and energetic system. Since the cause lied with the food and environment , the solution is also found in the food and environment. Ayurveda is that science which helps a person maintain his basic constitution and thus regain his inner vitality and power.

However, in this day and age people find it very hard to undergo a strict regimen of changing their food and environment in order to regain their previous energetic state. Moreover the effectiveness of the treatment is directly derived from working closely with an Ayurvedic doctor and access to a good qualified doctor is rare.

We at Penusila Ayurveda believe that there is another way to rebalance the doshas in a quick, easy and extremely effective manner.

We do this by combining the best Ayurvedic drugs renowned for their potency along with the latest nutraceutical breakthroughs which help in rapid cell absorption. By creating an effective absorption technique, the Ayurvedic medicine seeps deep into the cells and quickly creates outcomes which are almost miraculous.


Which elixir is best for you?

Perio Shield

Superior to oil pulling, remineralize your teeth and gums with this Ayurvedic Anti-Aging Oral Care Solution.

Amma's Grace

Unlock the secrets to graceful aging with our hormone balancing, longevity and telomere supporting elixir.

Cogni Bliss

Experience the elegance of mental clarity + focus with our exquisite brain detoxifying elixir.

Prana Power

This ayurvedic stimulant-free energy elixir is activated to support your vital life-force energy.


What our Customers are Saying

“I got the Perio Shield for my brother for a very bad toothache from a broken tooth. He used Perio on his tooth, and after a very short time it stopped hurting and he hasn’t had any more pain. He also told me that the Perio cleared up his gingivitis. We have all been using Perio Shield for over a year now, this is a great product and I really cannot say enough about it..”

Debra Kelly

Perio Shield

“What a difference! We have eliminated all of our over the counter vitamins and supplements and replaced with your amazing products. We can tell the difference in our energy levels and overall health, plus the last trip for our physicals showed improvements in our blood after only taking for a few weeks. Total YES recommendation to use these products!”

Ira Levy

Prana Power

“I am very impressed with this product. The panel of ingredients are stellar. My mental acuity is sharper,..love how this product nourishes my brain and more….I also find I can brainstorm ideas more as well.. Thanks so much for having high vibration products and the consciousness to make it the best there is. Bravo!”


Cogni Bliss


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